What does it mean to 'rightsize' your home?

Rightsizing your home is just that; making your home fit your lifestyle, instead of the other way around. As we move through our lives our needs change. As the years add up – so do our possessions and the burden of maintaining what we no longer need or use as we once did.

When the decision is made to downsize – or ‘Rightsize’ – often times the contemplation of dealing with these possessions of a lifetime is overwhelming. In many cases the need to manage the ‘stuff’ becomes a burden the senior can’t take on alone and becomes now a burden on the family as loved ones try to help.

The positive decision to rightsize a living environment has now become a stressful, overwhelming ordeal.  It is often at this point that the sheer enormity of the job becomes all too apparent.

We want to ensure the senior environment is clutter free, stress free, nurturing and relaxing. A place where we can focus on the road ahead, not what we leave behind.

Seniors on the Move is here to help you manage every step of this process to ensure the transition is as stress-free and positive as possible.

We will...

  • Plan and orchestrate the move
  • Sort household items: Keep, sell,donate, dispose and gift
  • Ship assets to family members
  • Organize space
  • De-clutter for ease od access or safety
  • Liquidating items
  • Document Shredding
  • Find new Home

Free No Pressure Consultation

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