Moving is often stressful. It can be especially traumatic for someone who is leaving a home that they have lived in for decades, particularly one that is full of precious memories. Added to this challenge is the fact that today’s families are typically more geographically dispersed. Help is not always available to assist with the moving process. This can present a tremendous burden for Seniors. Before a home can be sold, personal belongings must be downsized. This can be done by organizing it into the categories of KEEP, SELL, DONATE & DISPOSE. A transition manager is ready to take the stress out of your move. Based on your needs and abilities, we will create a Custom Transition Plan tailored to your unique situation. You will be in control of which services you want, we will utilize our network of professionals and years of experience to connect you. Whether you need a little help getting started or you want someone to handle all the details for you, we have the solution for you Before your home is ready to sell and you are ready to move on, there can be a lot of work to be done.

Move Planning and move oversight:

  • Coordinating and organizing all aspects of the move
  • Categorizing your personal affects: Keep, Sell, Donate or Dispose
  • Ship belongings to families not in the same city
  • Disposal distribution of remaining assets
  • Junk removal and cleaning services
  • Consult with appraisers and auctioneer for sale of valued possessions
  • Management of the entire real estate process to successfully sell your property(s)
  • Assistance in finding a new residence
  • Utilities transfer and document shredding
  • Do minor repairs for sale of home
  • Coordination with independent service providers (moving, shipping, disposal, utilities, maintenance/cleaning, painting, etc…)

Please remember that you may also pick and choose just those services that you require.

Oversee Moving Day:

  • Unpacking, organizing and setting up in new home
  • Organize kitchen, closets, drawers and make beds
  • Hanging of artwork, pictures and mirrors
  • Connect phone, lamps, TV, clocks, etc….
  • Confirm utilities /services are connected
  • Removal and recycling of boxes and paper

To introduce our services, a complimentary no obligation meeting is offered to you and your family. You may use this to discuss which services you may require.

Remember, no work will commence until you have given your approval.

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